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Evony: How Catappult helped a King Return to the Throne in 2023

lords mobile on catappult

Launched on Catappult in January of 2023, after long being on Google Play, since 2016, Evony: The King’s Return was a mature game and a Top 50 grossing title on GP by the time it joined Catappult. Which made it quite interesting to see what happened next!

lords mobile on catappult 2

A fast global boost!

Within just two months of launching on Catappult, Evony: The King’s Return is growing its monthly revenue for the publisher by an extra 11% on top of Google Play’s revenues. The key geographies of the United States, South Korea, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are the Top 5 markets reconquered in 2023.

lords mobile on catappult 3

A big promotion push means huge numbers

Here, too, the simultaneous promotions across all channels provided by Catappult were decisive for Evony: The King’s Return jump in revenues in 2023. From the beginning, a big promotion push built even higher global awareness for the game. As a result, retention rate on Day 1 was a spectacular 24%, which is 240% compared to other distribution channels!

Appearances as an Editor’s Choice and an Highlighted App in the homepage, an editorial article featured as Game of the Week and read by thousands, and the support at launch by our extensive network of influencers, all worked as a, yes, catapult to the games visibility on strategic markets.

The essential partner

A innovative one-stop-shop platform that allows developers and companies to easily control their own distribution and reach millions of users anytime, anywhere, Catappult proves yet again it is the essential partner for Android games and app developers and companies who want to be free from gatekeepers and have the power to seek the best distribution, promotion and monetization strategies for their products.

If you want more from the global games market than the usual distribution suspects can give you, Catappult is the partner for you. Find out how to start growing your game’s business here: Catappult's Easy Integrations.

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