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The Best Revenue Share on the Market

Our direct-to-consumer distribution solution gives developers an exceptional 90% revenue split. Additionally, we offer an unbeatable 75% revenue share model on store earnings.

up to 90 revenue share
global revenue

Power up your revenue on Android and iOS

In addition, we offer an unbeatable 75% revenue share model on earnings from our store. This makes Catappult's universal platform for both Android and iOS by far the best solution for developers to swiftly both their reach and their earnings.

increase earnings

Earn more by going Direct-to-Consumer

Catappult’s new D2C distribution model for Android and iOS gives developers an exceptionally profitable 90% revenue split, completely free of any hidden charges.

revenue transferred immediately

Revenue is immediately transferred to you

Thanks to our advanced in-app processing technology, all transactions across multiple stores are immediately registered and validated, and your revenue is instantly available in your account balance. There is no faster or safer alternative.

A Better, Stronger Android and iOS Distribution Market

We should all work towards a fair distribution market free of unreliable gatekeepers. An open and trusted global alternative where everyone - and not only the few - can win. This is our mission. This is your future success.

distribution market
your cut

Your cut in all transactions is safely transferred in real time to your Catappult wallet after each user purchase, not only after 30 or more days