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Aptoide and Catappult power ahead with expanded top catalog and 75% growth

catappult power ahead

Aptoide and its leading alternative app distribution and monetization platform, Catappult, surged forward in 2023, achieving critical milestones that cemented their leadership in the mobile gaming industry.

Catappult amplified its catalog by partnering with gaming giants like Gardenscapes, Matchington Mansion, Evony: The King’s Return, The Walking Dead: Survivors, Age of Apes, Infinite Magicraid and Triple Match 3D. These collaborations underline the company’s commitment to delivering diverse, high-quality gaming experiences to its global user base.

Aptoide's exceptional 75% year-on-year revenue growth stands as a testament to its innovative approach and unwavering dedication. This significant increase not only reflects user satisfaction but also highlights the platform's appeal to developers, reinforcing its industry foothold.

Building on this momentum, Aptoide secured a €8.5 million investment from Digital Turbine (DT), marking a key development in their strategic partnership. This funding reinforces DT's initial investment in October 2022, emphasizing their joint determination to revolutionize app distribution and monetization.

Playing a crucial role in the partnership is GamesHub, a joint effort between Digital Turbine and Aptoide. GamesHub is a game app store that is fast becoming the relevant platform for the main operators in the United States. The platform's strategic partnerships with mobile carriers like ATT, Verizon, USCellular, Tracfone, Cricket and BLU US position it for significant growth in 2024.

Paulo Trezentos, Aptoide's Founder and CEO, remarked, 'Our accomplishments in 2023 validate our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. The expansion of our gaming catalog and substantial growth underscores our relentless pursuit of innovation'.

Álvaro Pinto, Aptoide's Founder and COO, added, 'We are proud of our team's dedication in achieving these milestones. Our collaborative efforts have empowered us to redefine app distribution, offering unparalleled solutions to both users and developers'.

Aptoide's expansion in 2023 showcases its success in driving change in the app distribution landscape, providing ever-stronger, cutting-edge solutions for both users and developers. With several landmark regulatory decisions expected in the coming months, 2024 should see the company further extend its leadership in the mobile gaming industry.

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