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Magic Tavern integrates with Catappult to expand across the world

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Aptoide, the leading alternative app store, and Magic Tavern, the wildly successful mobile game developer and publisher, today announced a new partnership to integrate Magic Tavern’s games with Catappult, Aptoide’s distribution platform.

This partnership will give Magic Tavern access to Aptoide’s global user base of over 150 million monthly active users, taking advantage of Catappult's unparalleled global network of app stores and providing it with an array of services enabling developers to grow across the world and in all key markets.

A collaboration to go forth and conquer key international markets

“We are excited to partner with Aptoide to bring our games to a new audience”, said Catherine, platform relationship manager of Magic Tavern. “Aptoide’s global reach and commitment to providing users with easy access to the best apps and games make it the perfect partner for us. This partnership will help us reach new players in key international markets and grow our business globally”.

“We are thrilled to partner with Magic Tavern to integrate with our distribution platform, Catappult”, said Paulo Trezentos, CEO of Aptoide. “Magic Tavern is a leading mobile game developer and publisher with a portfolio of high-quality, strongly engaging games. We believe that our partnership will benefit both companies and our users. Magic Tavern will gain access to our global user base, and Aptoide users will gain access to Magic Tavern’s amazing games”.

A perfect fit

As a leading mobile game developer and publisher, Magic Tavern has established a reputation for developing and distributing high-quality mobile games across various genres. Their diverse portfolio includes games that have garnered significant acclaim in the mobile gaming community. With a commitment to delivering engaging gaming experiences, Magic Tavern is a perfect fit for Aptoide and its distribution platform, Catappult.

Aptoide's forte is its strategic collaborations, among which GamesHub, a meticulously curated platform for premium app discovery established in collaboration with Digital Turbine, stands out as a recent milestone. By the end of 2023, GamesHub's goal is to be available on 80 to 100 million devices in the United States through carriers such as Verizon, USCellular, Tracfone, Cricket and BLU US.

A powerful platform with critical tools for developers

“Aptoide’s powerful distribution platform and vast toolbox to support developers can help Magic Tavern conquer international markets and grow their business”, said Álvaro Pinto, COO of Aptoide. “We are always committed to providing our new partners with the best possible support, from our seamless integration process to our promotion firepower, our simple and safe payments system and our industry-best anti-fraud solutions. We are looking forward to helping Magic Tavern achieve their goals”.

In conjunction with the company's top-tier anti-fraud systems and tax management support in multiple geographies, the integration of the AppCoins Wallet creates a secure and transparent environment for developers, allowing them to concentrate on crafting outstanding games. The AppCoins Wallet support offers developers several advantages, including enhanced monetization, the promotion of innovation and mutual trust, and, naturally, an enriched overall user experience.

Magic Tavern and Aptoide’s partnership is great news for the mobile gaming industry

The collaboration between Magic Tavern and Aptoide represents a strategic alignment aimed at creating greater value for both companies and enhancing the experience for mobile gamers worldwide. With a focus on secure, efficient, broader international distribution and a commitment to accelerate the process of reaching a wider audience, this partnership is great news for players and the mobile gaming industry.

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